Class & Clay Date Terms and Conditions

Our classes, clay dates and workshops are very popular and full payment must be made at the time of booking. The fee is non-refundable unless the class, clay date or workshop is cancelled by Magpie3x3.

However, if for any reasons you may want to reschedule a class or workshop, you must notify Magpie3x3 not later than three working days after booking. Otherwise rescheduling the date will not be possible.

As soon as we receive your payment an email confirmation will be sent to you. This email will act as a receipt of your order and will imply that you have read and fully understand these terms and conditions.

If the attendee fails to attend the class or workshop for any reason, no refunds will be issued and the class will not be made up

We will not issue refunds for glazing and firing of items created in a class or clay date. Due to the nature of ceramic work, pieces may crack and/or explode in the kiln. Instructors will inform you if your individual work is at an elevated risk of being damaged or destroyed during the firing. By paying to have your work glazed and fired, you accept this risk.

As a courtesy, we notify students when their work is ready for pickup. If you have not received a text message or email notification three weeks after the end of camp, please come and pick up your work. You may call us at 502-919-8992 to check on the status. Please allow two weeks after the end of camp before calling.

We will only keep your finished work at the studio for about 60 days after the fired artwork notification. You must claim and collect your artwork within this time frame, otherwise all your work will be disposed of.