About Us

Our vision is to develop a “clay center” in Louisville. We are growing the local clay community by introducing children and adults to clay and providing opportunities for ceramic artists to expand their experience and skills incrementally. We foster emerging artists by providing resources such as studio space, kiln access and teaching opportunities. Completing the circle, we connect ceramicists to art collectors and pottery lovers through our gallery – brick and mortar as well as online – and participation at local fairs and art events.

Magpie3x3 is a Working ceramics studio and art gallery located on historic Frankfort Avenue – a quirky arts and entertainment district near downtown Louisville. Friendly neighborhood businesses include tattoo studio, florist, ethnic cuisine, locally crafted ice cream parlor and many boutiques, bars, restaurants and other small local shops. Frankfort Avenue was established in the early 19th century and maintains a unique cultural, historical and commercial ambiance – small town america in the heart of a culturally sophisticated metropolitan area.

The studio itself is a fully equipped pottery working and teaching space; including kilns, potter’s wheels, and work tables. The interior space is open with a lot of natural light and a warm atmosphere. The building is a renovated shotgun house with approximately 1200 square feet, covered porch and small parking lots in front and rear.

The gallery hosts a small selection of work from local artists.

Rebekah Hensel, owner

Rebekah began learning ceramics at a very young age. Her mother was an artist and encouraged Rebekah and her siblings in art and craft past-times. Rebekah’s early memories include sculpting with a heavily salted bread dough and marveling at her mother’s detailed dough wreaths that were made in the autumn. Her interest in sculpting and clay grew. She was gifted with a toy potter’s wheel as a child, and still has a one of her own very early pieces of pottery. 

Rebekah had developed a fascination with clay that she carried into high school and then on to Indiana University Southeast (IUS) where she was earned a BA in Fine Arts, concentrating in ceramics and art history. 

In early 2018, Rebekah realized her dream owning and running a studio, when she opened Magpie3x3.